The Old Granite Gold (1).png
Sea Touch: I wanna take a shower, I wanna wake up. The rocky element awaken senses, bring back aromas, memories and laughs. I wanna feel, I wanna photograph.
Black Salinas : touch, sparkle and #vemcomigo
Black Soapstone : every day a day of discover
Fused Tourmaline : tourmaline, quartz, biotite
Incognito leather finish : pyrite obsession
Oak Pizzazz leather finish : lean on me
Pegasus leather finish : free the power in sea touch
Ronaq leather finish : in your body I see my handprint
Soapstone Barroco : the old time, original
Soapstone Smoke : next level of fascinating stone
Super White honed finish : per your request
Via Lactea leather finish : travel upwards
Virginia Black honed : dance for me
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D Old Granite

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