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Natural stone is a fascinating industry that fires social engineering.


To slice a boulder of rock, that captivating movement, before hidden, underneath the soil, or in an isolated country-side: it is required the human talent. The innate human drive to find a new stone, to cross dirty roads and open a new quarry.


It requires the human talent, to identify if that is - in that season - a viable stone to the market. And the human courage, to decide slice the mountain or not. It requires human-based friendship, to push forward the endeavor, arrange the transport of equipment, the construction of roads, the contracts with landowner and government bodies. All this before slicing the first block.


In the hunt to the unseen, quarry-hunters live stories of challenge, thrust and love.


To slice a mountain, it requires the coordinated work of multiple people. Giving hands, polishing wealth from an economic common denominator.


The natural stone industry shares wealth in an incredible manner: often I say "when I see a slab of granite, I see two men behind, not only one... and a puppy".


Beyond the direct employment of quarry-hunters, lawyers, engineers, technicians, the natural stone industry shares the wealth by building roads in many times undeveloped communities. Also providing local employment and above that, career, in places with scarce options of living.


Within granite routes diverse business see profit: grocery stores, hotels, restaurants, gas stations. This money comes from people, from the choice of U.S. homeowners, in choosing nature`s premium raw material: that is just sliced and polished: and carries neatly mother-nature`s imprint. 

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